Web Host Limited, a licensed internet service provider [OFTA NO.591], was established in 1998 as the first generation internet service provider and web hosting provider in Hong Kong. Its service category includes web hosting, server administration, on-line payment system, firewall security, VPN virtual private network, email management, product catalogue system, emarketing services, on-line monitoring system, web design, and domain name application, etc. We mainly provide the multi-directions one-stop internet and intranet applications and solutions, as well as 24-hour technical support services for the enterprises and SMEs. We have a group of senior network consultants who provide you with solutions to all kinds of network problems and we hope to enhance your working efficiency with our technique and services.

"Striving to become a leading provider of integrated information technology services and solutions and providing better services for our customers."

To build client value by:

  • Providing high quality web hosting and ecommerce solutions to SMEs and SOHO.
  • Expanding internet service & support to large enterprises.
  • Providing a high level of efficient and reliable customer service.
  • Meeting customer needs by utilizing expert resources, advanced & scalable technological solutions.

Ten Reasons for Choosing Us

A History of around 20 years
"Striving to become a leading provider of integrated information technology services and solutions and providing better services for our customers."

24-Hour Service
Web Host’s technical staffs monitor our servers and network round the clock (24×7×365) with 24-hour hotline technical support service, so as to provide comprehensive services and support for our customers.

Best Value for Your Money
Our hosting plan package offers EVERYTHING you need for a competitive price.

Better Customer Service
No matter when and where, your existing and prospective customers can access your products online as well as make enquires via email. You will not only improve your customer service with enhanced communications, but also reach out into the mainland and further overseas.

We Use Our Own Hardware
Web Host uses its own state-of-art hardware. All of our servers are company-owned and operated. Web Host is the first Web Hosting Company in Hong Kong with Juniper Networks NetScreen firewall protection for internet security.

Fast Network/Server Backbone Connection
Our servers are connected to the internet at lightning speed! Our self-funded 100Gb exclusive local bandwidth is directly connected to Hong Kong Internet Exchange. We have teamed up with a major connection Tier III+ provider to bring you one of the most reliable services on the Internet today.

Own AS Number/IP Address
Web Host is a member of APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Centre), and has its own AS number and Class C IP address.

Double Backups
Fully aware of the importance of websites or email contents to customers, we have double backups for our servers.

Our team is continuously upgrading our systems with the latest technology, creating new tools and features to make your web presence as easily maintainable and reliable as possible.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Keeping our customers happy is our main priority. If for ANY reason we do not measure up to your expectations, we offer a conditional 30-day money back guarantee.